Flamenco, sangria, matadors and paella—although all these things, Spain is also home to some of the most enlightening experiences and breathtaking landscapes in the world.

Spain Map

Each region of Spain has its own unique landscape and distinctive identity, history, traditions and cuisines—from Andalusia, where the region contrasts ancient cities with deserts, mountains, and beautiful beaches, to the Basque Country on the northern Atlantic coast, near the border of France. Its rich heritage allows for a discovery of the many diverse cultures of this country. Sandwiched between the Atlantic and Mediterranean sea, it has a beautiful coastline along with a few small islands off the coast, each offering a different experience of Spain. Mallorca and Menorca are destinations of their own, with scenic landscapes and sun-drenched beaches. Locals are said to be lovers of the good life, meaning visitors are almost always welcomed with smiles. This persists throughout the country, and the warmth of locals turns quiet bars lively with music and conversation. Cities offer lively nightlife and by day, a look back in time through well-preserved buildings, cathedrals and monuments. Extensive art collections are aplenty, and days can be spent wandering past world-renowned works by the masters. Both foods are wine are delicious—tapas and wine being a must-do throughout the day. All this, combined with the charming, hospitable nature of Spaniards makes for a memorable journey.

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