A mellow gem of the Middle East, Oman is where we uncover a destination of rich heritage and spectacular nature.

Oman Map

The country has endless charms to explore. Sitting on the Arabian peninsular, it features ravishing landscapes ranging from the aridness of the desert sand dunes, to the endless coastlines and striking historical sites. We begin in the capital city of Muscat, where just from the city we have a gorgeous mountain backdrop wrapped in desert. We visit the lively souk and familiarise ourselves with the country's offerings-everything from antique wooden chests to woven textiles to spices and frankinscence. Culinary delights are aplenty in Oman, with the city offering options from fine-dining to streetcarts. Influences come from Persia, North Africa and the Mediterranean, making for spiced, flavourful dishes. Try the saffron rice and meat Majboos and sticky, sweet halwa. We venture outside the capital to experience more of the country, stopping by the friendly port town of Sur, where we also watch green turtles nest. We set our eyes on the charming mountain settlement of Misfat Al Abryeen, and dive back into the complex history with a stop by the prehistoric tombs near Western Hajar. One of our favourite experiences is spending a night out in the desert, star-gazing by the warmth of a bonfire.

Our Paths