Smiling faces, rich culture and jawdropping natural wonders, Zimbabwe is a destination that will charm the hearts of animal-lovers, nature enthusiasts and curious travellers alike.

After a dampening from a period of political turbulence, Zimbabwe remerges strong, ready to offer visitors a glimpse into the unique beauty of the lands. Game parks are pristine, providing wonderful opportunities to see the majestic wildlife venture through the magnificent wilderness. One of the seven wonders of the world, Victoria Falls, calls the country home. With the powerful current of water that plunges deep into the Zambezi Gorge, this site is aptly named "The Smoke that Thunders". Seeing and hearing its force is a beautiful reminder of Mother Nature's strength. We uncover it more of it at Hwange National Park, a reserve known as one of the last great elephant sanctuaries. See them roam through the arid landscape as we drive through scattered woodlands of teak. For the intrepid traveller, perhaps a journey by kayak down the Zambezi and into Manna Pools National Park, getting up close to the crocodiles and hippos. Back on land we take a drive to the local markets, getting to know the Zimbabweans and their everyday lives. To peer into their history, the ancient city of Great Zimbabwe stands tall with granite stone structures dating back to the 11th century.