For the curious traveller, Portugal has it all—vibrant cities where architecture fuses the modern with the historical, food and wine to please even the most particular palates, and natural landscapes ranging from sandy beaches to rocky mountain.

The country is quickly becoming one of the more popular destinations in Europe. With a fairly isolated location, it was often overlooked for the more accessible Spain and Italy, but this destination is teeming with culture, history and a stunning natural landscape fit for the wildest adventures. From the capital, we are instantly immersed in the beauty of the country. Cobblestone lanes are coupled with gothic cathedrals and ancient monuments. Dining here is an experience in itself, from Michelin-starred restaurants to quiet eateries passed on through generations. Just an hour's drive away are Sintra and Cascais, the former harbouring a UNESCO World Heritage Site with romantic European architecture, and the latter a must for a day or two or more on the beach. Wine-enthusiasts will delight in a sojourn to the Duoro Valley, both striking in beauty and award-winning in produce. As we venture away from the capital, we connect more deeply with nature, perhaps hiking through the lush green mountains of one of the national parks, or experiencing farm life on the outskirts of town. These experiences, coupled with a locally brewed glass of port and a plate of freshly caught anchovies is an ideal taste of the country.