Little can prepare you for the jaw-dropping natural wonder that is Iceland. A journey quickly becomes a spectacle, with endless scenes of beautiful phenomena.

Although a little nation, Iceland is teeming with awe-inspiring landscapes. It is known as the "Land of Fire and Ice" because both are very present in its character. Boiling hot water spews from the geysers of icy glaciers at Stokkur (one of many), and we stand to watch nature work. Molten lava gushes out of frosted peaks. Iceland is also where many venture to witness the Northern Lights—indeed these bright lights dancing across the dark night sky are magnificent sight, but even everyday sights like the charming, small towns, fishing villages and sleepy farms scattered along the coastline are a delight to explore. Cuisine is fresh and undeniably local. With harsh conditions making agriculture arduous, fresh waters allow for delicious seafood, like haddock and and cod. Staples as simple as bread have a unique history, like leaf-bread, designed with geometric patterns and served around Christmas time. The destination will inspire and surprise.