The charm of an ancient civilisation with a fascinating contemporary culture.

China Map

To remember that China has a 5,000 year-old civilisation is to know that history is imbued in everything. From the remote deserts of the wild northwest to the fast-paced cities of Beijing and Shanghai, there is a story to be told from each vantage point. We take our time familiarising ourselves with the archeology, architecture, diverse cuisine and cultural heritage. Ancient historial sites, museums filled with antique relics, imperial palaces-and this is in one city alone. With time, we are able to venture to peaceful water towns and uncover the enchanting natural wonders of the land. Hikers, historians, foodies, animal-lovers all delight in the experiences the country has to offer. Important sites include the Forbidden City, the Terracotta Army, The Great Wall and Chengdu's panda reserves, but we ask you to venture further afield, to meet with locals and hear their stories, to find treasures in hidden teahouses and serenity in quiet temples.

Our Paths