The United Kingdom's northernmost isle is rich with rare wildlife, ancient castles, luscious islets and landscapes that seem to never end. This romantic, rugged region is a delight for lovers of the outdoors.

Scotland Map

The untamed wilderness because of your backyard here, with hiking, mountain-biking, and rafting just a few of the ways you can dive into it. Observe animals in their natural habitat with whale and dolphin watching off the coast of Mull. With 30% of Europe's seal population living in Scotland, we drive to the highlands and see these adorable sea mammals. Aside from wildlife, Scotland's traditional culture is distinct. Haggis and celebrated whiskies, whilst very much enjoyed, just skim the surface, and we urge to look further through architecture and arts. We visit the hilltop castles, impressive fortresses and valleys dipped in mist. Alongside all this natural beauty on offer are cities brimming with rich history and bustling contemporary local life. In Edinburgh, Scotland's capital aptly nicknamed "Athens of the North", we take in the history and the extensive art collections at the museums and in the evenings, sit for local brews at the quintessential pubs.