Instantly we notice the stark contrasts, the centuries-old medinas giving way to winding alleyways and bustling city life, and towering mountains shadowing the seemingly endless desert-Morocco is where we experience traditions of the past and a spirited culture.

In the busy cities of Marrakech and Fez is where we begin to soak up the beauty of Morocco, getting lost in its mazes of narrow lanes packed with street stalls and craftsmen. Visit old mosques and the Saadian Tombs to become acquainted with the city's history. Along with Meknes and Rabat, these towns boast an astounding array of ancient architectural sites, museums, and the very alluring souk, where we sample some of the best local creations. Wind down by setting off into the dunes of the Sahara, mounting a camel to capture the spectacular rolling dunes. Or venture to the coast, where Tangier awaits with a sun-drenched coastline.

The striking Atlas Mountains are also a draw, featuring remote Berber villages and a backdrop of mountainscapes with activities throughout the seasons. From street to sea, we sample delicious local fare, beginning perhaps with a breakfast of fresh batbout bread served alongside olives, honey, and argan oil cultivated on this very land. And ending with a traditional tagine cooked in a claypot and served with fresh mint tea.