At Amala, our passion lies in creating connections. When you set off on a journey with us, we have undoubtedly combed through to find the most enriching and authentic experiences which begin the moment you land. We wish to bring you the same sense of kinship and discovery with our local experiences, exploring stories within traditions and life behind doors. With our strong local network, we uncover hidden gems and native talents.


Here are some of the events we’re running:

Amala Marketplace Launch

Join us for a three-part introduction to our new online store, Amala Marketplace. With local experts, we discover the tastes and subtleties of our exclusive Colombian coffee, natural wines and sakes.

Katong Diner

At the Katong Diner, we embark on a new kind of dining experience helmed by Chef Meiwen. Under her guidance, we explore the secrets of global cuisine and taste delectable bites in the warmth and intimacy of a home kitchen.

Amala Sips

Our #amalasips series takes us on a journey around the world to savour its delicious brews. While we sip, we discover, hearing stories of families, farmers, and connoisseurs that allow a deeper appreciation of what we’re tasting.

Amala Screens

Through captivating storylines and awe-inspiring cinematography, we transport you to our favourite destinations. Our #amalascreens events are a delight for the senses, fully enveloping our guests in the essence of the film, from the wine to the nibbles.