Although a familiar culture, France never fails to impress with its rural countryside charm, world-renowned cuisine, and natural landscape ranging from dramatic mountain to sandy beach.

France is a treasure trove of experiences bound to excite every kind of traveller. Bigger cities like Paris, Bordeaux , Toulouse and Aix-en-Provence alone have it all—fantastic dining, historic architecture and quiet pockets to observe local life. Perusing the art collections complements any sojourn, with France boasting some of the world's best collections of sculptures and paintings from the ancient to the contemporary. Once outside the towns, the country offers a delightful array of outdoor activities from thrilling canyoning to the more laidback hike. Here is also where you find Europe's highest mountain range. Romance is imbued in the winding river valleys and hill towns marked by beautiful castles. Not to mention its vineyards, some of which have set the tone for wine production worldwide. Even for non-drinkers, its seas of vineyards are an alluring sight, and usually neighboured by wonderful auberge-turned-homes that are both luxurious and understated.