Vietnam Hoi An

Vietnam: Deep-Rooted History & Culture

In this day and age, we are closer to our furthest points than ever before. Long distance travel is not only faster but easier, and little by little, our world is becoming smaller. So small that we may forget the little gems that neighbour us. Vietnam is one of these little gems. It is a mixture of wild landscape with historic cultural sites, sleepy rice-fielded villages with hustle and bustle city. Whether it’s the peace and quiet of limestone parks or the sensory energy of a city, Vietnam has it, along with delightful food to accompany you every step of the way.

Back in the 70s, My, a young Vietnamese fighter pilot was drafted into the Vietnam war and was awarded for shooting down several American planes. His career in the armed forces ended however, when the American brigadier, Daniel Cherry, shot his plane, causing it to crash and to leave My with two broken arms. In 2007, the two former soldiers had a heart-warming reunion and became close friends. Meet My for tea and to hear this extraordinary story and his account of the war. There are several stories that marvel just like these. We narrow the degrees of separation and connect you to extraordinary local characters.

Vietnam is deep-rooted history and lively cities but it is also river, field and mountain. From December, the weather cools to the ultimate hiking temperature. Follow trails to great waterfalls and even spot endangered animals and wild birds.

Few places boast the understated splendour that is Amanoi. It sits on the Vinh Hy Bay, with spectacular vistas of turquoise waters. Aside from swimming and trekking, explore the Cham culture through food, visiting a local fishing village and witnessing traditional silk weaving.

To visit Hoi An is to dive deep into Vietnamese culture—slow-paced laneways, charming boutiques, eateries with exquisite local fare, the town is as quaint as it is serene. And an afternoon’s drive away is a boutique hotel emblematic of this sentiment.

With a main body once inhabited by the French Resident Supérieure, this Art Deco structure is a stunning piece of European architecture. Views of the Perfume River calm the senses while the city centre, just a short walk away, is a fascinating discovery of the previous Imperial capital.