Summer in Tasmania

Year-end signifies summertime in Tasmania and that’s when it truly comes alive. Flower fields are in bloom and festivals forge on throughout the island. The atmosphere is one of celebration for the pleasant weather that comes with the season and Tasmania’s wilderness is primed for exploration. This summer, Amala takes you from the cliffs to the farms to the coastlines of Australia’s stunning southernmost island.

On foot is one of the best ways to experience the island’s natural beauty. Some of the best overnight hikes offer unique places at which to rest your head after a day of scenic trekking.

Three Lodges Cape Walk

On the edge of Australia, follow the Southern ocean trail as it leads you through woodlands and silver gum forests. Aside from the breath-taking views, this four-day walk is accompanied by private lodging and floor to ceiling views of the forested land surrounding you.

Wukalina Walk

If a hike along the coast tempts you then the Bay of Fires is the perfect way to become acquainted with Tasmania’s stunning beaches. From rocky headlands to white sandy stretches, your walk is led by a guide and story-teller to introduce you to the region’s Aboriginal heritage. Meet with an Elder, feast on delicious fresh produce and rest in unique dome-like sleeping huts inspired by Aboriginal culture.


Australia is venerated for its delicious, fresh produce so we take you on a tasting of the finest. Heading straight to the source, meet with wine-growers, cheese-makers, smoke-masters and oyster famers to learn about their mastery and why Tasmania boasts some of the best cuisine in the world.


Tassie gin is on the rise, with distilleries mushrooming throughout the little island. It wasn’t too long ago that distilling was prohibited in the country so artisans are investing time and creativity into crafting their own personal blends. Explore how they use the bounty of the land like Tasmanian mountain pepper berry, tea tree blossoms, and wakame seaweed to curate a unique brew—you might even try your hand at making your own.


And if you’re looking to experience something truly different, in the privacy of your very own land, there is Satellite Island. An 1.5 hour drive and a ferry ride takes you to this strikingly beautiful islet off Tasmania’s southern coast. Satellite becomes the perfect escape with seabirds greeting you at dawn, deer accompanying your walking trails, kayaking and fishing for your own oysters.