Bhutan Prayer Wheels

Ten Things to Experience in Bhutan

1. The Longtey Hike

Bhutan Phobjikha Gangtey Longtey Hike

One of our favourite hikes in Bhutan — it is one of the most picturesque hike in Bhutan, starting in a village, through bamboo bush and an old-growth rhododendron forest, and the reward — a 360° view of Phobjikha valley after emerging from the forest.

2. Hot Stone Bath

Bhutan Hot Stone BathSoak in a traditional bath with heated river stones and local medicinal herbs.

3. Bhutanese Festival

Bhutan Thangka Thondrel

Tsechus are colourful Bhutanese festivals in auspicious times of the year with masked performances and pageants. Receive blessings by the rare sight of a thondrel, a holy silk scroll painting only revealed at dawn and kept right before the sun rays shines on it at some of the biggest tsechus.

4. Camping

Bhutan Camping

Experience the thrills and rugged ambience of camping out in the wild Bhutanese outdoors.

5. Rafting in Punakha

Bhutan Rafting

Get adventurous and experience another view of the valley at a different angle as you row down rivers in a guided white water rafting tour.

6. Picnic

Bhutan Picnic

Spend an easy afternoon picnicking on a side of a mountain or by the river under the vast Himalayan skies of the many magnificent valleys of Bhutan.

7. Archery

Bhutan Archery

Indulge in a fun game of archery. Bhutan’s national sport is also a favourite pastime among the Bhutanese. A duel between archers is quite a common sight in Bhutan and you will find they take their targets pretty seriously. Look out for the cute little victory dance they do when they hit the bullseye!

8. Farmhouse Visit

Bhutan Bumthang Farmhouse Meal

Enjoy a home-cooked meal and Bhutanese hospitality when you visit a farmhouse. Be prepared to be entertained with some potent ara (home-brewed wine).

9. Tiger’s Nest

Bhutan Tiger's Nest

Take a slow hike up to the revered Taktsang Goemba, also known as Tiger’s Nest, perched on a side of cliff 800 metres above the valley.

10. The Three Peaks of Kitiphu

Bhutan Bumthang Kitiphu

Hike up to the first (also the last) peak of the Kitiphu Ridge and take in the views of Chumey and Choekhor valleys on the way up.