Cape Town Food

Cape Town: Wine, Arts & Pristine Natural Wonders

It doesn’t take long to see that Cape Town is a city of diversity—neighbourhoods of bright coloured homes, skyscrapers, turquoise shores, a bourgeoning dining scene and even verdant winelands, if you venture a little further. Its nature offerings alone are enough to satisfy even the most adventurous traveller. Steeped in its culture is a complex history that is felt from its streets to its coast, and one that has cultivated a truly remarkable destination. Join us on a discovery of South Africa’s thriving capital.

With South Africa’s turbulent history, hearing its stories help us understand how it came to be. We take you to the historic Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was famously imprisoned, perhaps sitting for a talk with the prison guard he befriended during his time there. Then to gain further insight into his life, we walk through the cultural heart of the city and learn how it acted as a setting to his eventual release.

Wander through the cobble-stone streets and bright-hued 17th century houses of the Bo-Kaap suburb—the oldest in South Africa whose community has origins from Indonesia, Batavia, Malaysia, India and Africa. Step into the city’s most famous spice shop, and let the heady smells of Cape Malay spices be an introduction to their delicious cuisine. We take you to local galleries throughout the city, and then to Woodstock, Cape Town’s creative core. Harbouring a painful past, the neighbourhood is now blossoming with lovely boutiques, restaurants and important galleries supporting the burgeoning art scene.

It is a known fact that Cape Town has some of the most pristine natural beauty in the country. The city’s icons themselves are two natural wonders—Lion Head and the towering Table Mountain. The lands too have offerings of their own—munch on sour fig and sip snow bush tea in an uncovering of the edible wild plants indigenous to the southern tip of the continent. Head to the beautiful shores, some stretching as far as the eye can see, with a myriad of beach activities for the whole family. What these waters also hold is fascinating marine life. For those seeking something thrilling, climb into a cage and be plummeted underwater to get up close and personal with the sharks native to these waters.

With sweeping views of the cape and a cosy milk-wooded interior, Tintswalo Atlantic is our hidden gem of Cape Town. It reopens its doors the 1st of October, welcoming travellers who want a little seclusion and immersion in nature with foregoing the lively spirit of the capital.

Beyond the hustle and bustle of the city lies the marvel that is the South African winelands. From wine-tasting to wine-pairing, discover the rich heritage of over three hundred lush vineyards. Even for the young ones and non-drinkers, the winelands are a chance to hike its valleys, meet the makers, and learn about atypical farming practices—not to mention the breathtaking scenery. La Residence becomes your home here. From their room décor to the china at the dinner table, the sprawling 33-acre estate is a veritable feast for the senses—elegant, warm and sumptuous.