Amala Bringing the World to You: Music Blog Post

As we adapt to our new circumstances, absconding into our living rooms, trading coffees for phone calls, cooking at home rather than dining out, there’s a need to connect more than ever. Music does that for me. It created a connection when my friends and I were sitting in an empty restaurant in Kutaisi, Georgia, […]

“We travel for change” | An Interview with India’s Leading Tiger Conservationist

We met with Dr Raghu Chundawat in the al fresco breeze of our Amala kitchen. He had come to talk about his lodge, the Sarai at Toria, a beautiful and rustic eco-property in Madhya Pradesh, India. But what ended up captivating us was his story, one that spans far beyond his property walls. Back in the […]

The Scoop on Hummus

Over the years I’ve collected an array of cookbooks by English-Israeli chef, Yotam Ottolenghi. They burst alive with flavour-packed dishes pulling herbs and spices from Palestine to Malaysia. Dishes like Roasted Chicken With Clementines & Arak and Mee Goreng tell stories of the world, starting and ending at different points. So it’s no wonder that […]

Friends of Amala – Know Your Guide: Nathan Losaru

Whilst on safari, a great safari guide can make or break a safari. As your window into the wild, your guide is tasked with conveying all the wonderful sights and sounds of the wilderness to you. The best guides possess phenomenal multi-tasking abilities; keen eyes and sharp ears, a wonderful sense of humour and a […]

Amala at Home: Bringing Our World of Films to You

By Amanda Have you ever found yourself wanting to travel to a destination just because you saw it in a movie? We may not be able to travel right now so when we switch off at the end of the day, turning off work and the news and social media to “reset”, one thing we […]

Bhutan’s Chef: Aum Tshomo

The question many first-timers ask us about Bhutan is how the food is. The concern usually comes from a widespread, and in our opinion, erroneous conception that the food there is below par, simple or boring. In reality, it is absolutely delicious, and that lies in its simplicity. Bhutanese food is straightforward—with a foundation of […]

An Amala Summer, 2020

It might be warm all year-round here in the tropics, but the balmy summer months do bring out the best in some of our favourite destinations nearby and beyond. With lush greenery, ripe fruits and blue skies, the warmer temperatures set up perfect opportunities to indulge in countryside, coast and even cities. From northern locales […]

Summer in Tasmania

Year-end signifies summertime in Tasmania and that’s when it truly comes alive. Flower fields are in bloom and festivals forge on throughout the island. The atmosphere is one of celebration for the pleasant weather that comes with the season and Tasmania’s wilderness is primed for exploration. This summer, Amala takes you from the cliffs to […]