An Amala Summer, 2020

It might be warm all year-round here in the tropics, but the balmy summer months do bring out the best in some of our favourite destinations nearby and beyond. With lush greenery, ripe fruits and blue skies, the warmer temperatures set up perfect opportunities to indulge in countryside, coast and even cities. From northern locales […]

Summer in Tasmania

Year-end signifies summertime in Tasmania and that’s when it truly comes alive. Flower fields are in bloom and festivals forge on throughout the island. The atmosphere is one of celebration for the pleasant weather that comes with the season and Tasmania’s wilderness is primed for exploration. This summer, Amala takes you from the cliffs to […]

The Austrian Alps

As much as we appreciate our tropical weather, we do crave a little drop in temperature sometimes (more so for some). As lovers of all the four seasons, nothing says Christmas more than the Alps! Both the German and Austrian mountain ranges provide a wealth of activities, with fresh powdery slopes for skiers, scenic winter […]

A Norwegian Summer

Norway might be famous for those northern lights—bright neon colours splashed across the night sky—but as phenomenal as they are, the country offers so much more. After long frosty winters, summers are a welcome delight as many locals venture outdoors to bask in the crisp summer warmth to create a lively atmosphere; while fields are […]

Andalusia: A Region of Contrasts

Mystical, historic, romantic, the region of Andalusia is treasure trove of scintillating experiences. Imbued in its architecture is a mesmerising fusion of Moorish, Gothic and Renaissance elements. Even exploring on foot, the deep-rooted character of the Iberian Peninsula is felt, and the towns are made warm with the charm of local artisans and tapas bars. […]