Friends of Amala – Know Your Guide: Nathan Losaru

Whilst on safari, a great safari guide can make or break a safari. As your window into the wild, your guide is tasked with conveying all the wonderful sights and sounds of the wilderness to you. The best guides possess phenomenal multi-tasking abilities; keen eyes and sharp ears, a wonderful sense of humour and a […]

Amala at Home: Bringing Our World of Films to You

By Amanda Have you ever found yourself wanting to travel to a destination just because you saw it in a movie? We may not be able to travel right now so when we switch off at the end of the day, turning off work and the news and social media to “reset”, one thing we […]

An Amala Summer, 2020

It might be warm all year-round here in the tropics, but the balmy summer months do bring out the best in some of our favourite destinations nearby and beyond. With lush greenery, ripe fruits and blue skies, the warmer temperatures set up perfect opportunities to indulge in countryside, coast and even cities. From northern locales […]

Cape Town: Wine, Arts & Pristine Natural Wonders

It doesn’t take long to see that Cape Town is a city of diversity—neighbourhoods of bright coloured homes, skyscrapers, turquoise shores, a bourgeoning dining scene and even verdant winelands, if you venture a little further. Its nature offerings alone are enough to satisfy even the most adventurous traveller. Steeped in its culture is a complex […]

Walking with Elephants

Many of us probably have a favourite animal, chosen years ago – at Amala, elephants rank high on our list, amongst other reasons, due to the extreme nature of their behaviour. From delicately plucking individual leaves from trees, to knocking down entire trunks altogether through brute force, there is always something interesting to observe. Nestled […]