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With fascinating history, diverse cultures, landscape and wildlife, India is an inspiring destination of epic proportions. One might suggest that a single trip to India is not enough, especially while there is so much to see, with its regions so unique and distinct from one another.

Our paths are specially curated within each region to build an immersive experience to best uncover the magic of each. The unique geography of the country has carved out such special places; like the mighty Himalayas and the lush plains that sit below them; like the arid deserts of Rajasthan and the lush jungles of the south; and the sacred rivers which sustain some of the biggest communities on Earth. Each region of India is unique in its own right, with distinct cultures that offer much for us to learn.

Best Time to Visit

From October to March for most of the country, when the weather is much cooler before and after the monsoon seasons. Rajasthan, Kerala, Tamil Nadu & The Ganges do start to heat up from April (although Kerala & Tamil Nadu do have slightly longer dry seasons) before the monsoon arrives in May and lasts till August. For the Himalayan regions, Sikkim is best to visit between October to April (but excludes January) while Ladakh’s summer months (June to September) make for best visits considering their prolonged winters.


Possible Paths

Because of our emphasis on personalised journeys, do note that all listed Paths are displayed purely for example and each can be customised and tailored to your own specific interests and needs.

Path to Sikkim

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Path to Ladakh

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Path to Kerala

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Path to Tamil Nadu

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Path to The Tiger Reserves of Central India

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Path to Varanasi & Kalinjar

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Path to South Rajasthan

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Path to West Rajasthan

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