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Sri Lanka

Also known as 'The Pearl of the Indian Ocean', Sri Lanka offers amazing diversity. This tropical island leaves little to be desired with its ancient cities, lush forests, exotic wildlife and secret beaches. Take a trip through time as you explore thousands of years of history in ruins and ancient cave temples.

Sri Lanka offers much to experience, from the bustle of Colombo and Kandy to the peaceful seclusion among tea plantations in the hills or the serene beaches of Tangalle; from being among the wildlife of Gal Oya to watching some amazing whales off Trincomalee. Sri Lankan cuisine is as diverse as the land, the tantalizing mix of flavours influenced by Ayurvedic philosophies will most certainly nourish and satisfy.

Journey to some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring locations in Sri Lanka; our paths are a curated blend of adventure, culture and tranquility. Uncover a land of magical proportions, shaped over generations by nature and spirituality. Adventure awaits the nature-lover, the thrill-seeker, and everyone else.

Best Time to Visit

Sri Lanka is a destination you can visit at any time of the year; but if you wish to avoid its uniquely biannual monsoon seasons, a good time to journey to Sri Lanka is between December and April. Its monsoon seasons occur from October to January in the North-East and from May to September in the South-West.


Possible Paths

Because of our emphasis on personalised journeys, do note that all listed Paths are displayed purely for example and each can be customised and tailored to your own specific interests and needs.

Path to Trincomalee

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Path to Haputale

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Path to Gal Oya

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