Cambodia: Through Jungle & River

Just a few hours away from our little red dot is a truly special destination—Cambodia, a country drawing travellers seduced by the marvel of Angkor Wat. But beyond its largest attraction is a complex history reflected in relics, remnants and rituals. Towns like Siem Reap and Phnom Penh are bustling with the ambition of fervent youth, cultivating a burgeoning food scene of small cafés and fine-dining restaurants. Many of its coastlines and national parks are unspoilt, and with knowledge from the locals, we are more acquainted with this mysterious kingdom. Journey off path with us, through jungle and river, in one of Asia’s most alluring destinations.


Many venture to Siem Reap for the splendour of the ancient temples but they’ll return for the charm of Amansara. The 60s style architecture mixed with the warm wooded elements and neutral tones make Amansara a place of peace. Rise before the sun and wander the ruins in in near solitude. Then sit down for a traditional Khmer noodle breakfast made with the same fresh herbs and vegetables planted in the beds of farmland surrounding you.

Shinta Mani Wild

Shinta Mani Wild is a camp of dreams. With an ethos pegged in sustainability and sixteen stunning tented lodges, a stay is as conservation-conscious as it is luxurious. Forage for your dinner in the nearby fields, hop on the back of a patrol ranger’s motorcycle, or simply kick back and let the sounds of the waterfall immerse you in Cambodia’s unspoilt nature.

Aqua Mekong

Few can travel through the inspiring waters of Cambodia and Vietnam quite like the Aqua Mekong. We charter past the villages and rice fields that dot the rivers, hopping off to learn about the spiritual history of temples, and unique artisanal crafts like Cambodian krama silk-weaving. On board, we are spoilt by sumptuous minimalist suites and a culinary experience head by Michelin-starred chef David Thompson.