Amala at Home: Bringing Our World of Music to You

By Isabelle


As we adapt to our new circumstances, absconding into our living rooms, trading coffees for phone calls, cooking at home rather than dining out, there’s a need to connect more than ever. Music does that for me. It created a connection when my friends and I were sitting in an empty restaurant in Kutaisi, Georgia, and Billie Jean came on and suddenly we were best friends with the staff. And it will connect us now, to people, cultures and places we might not know. So while we can’t exactly roam the world right now, we’re bringing some of the world to you.




Click here to see where we’re journeying today. From Bamako to Wellington, this is a compilation of a few favourites, some recognisable and others a little more obscure. What is beautiful is that many of the artists have drawn influences from other countries and genres, creating this harmony of unique, distinct sounds. If you can, take some time getting to know the music you like. Some easy-listening for slow mornings and quiet nights.