Path to
Altai Mountains & West Gobi

Western Mongolia is a timeless landscape that shelters Mongolia’s most fascinating and diverse ethnic groups: the Kazakhs with their hunting eagles, the surviving fragments of the Oirat Mongol tribes, and the shamanist Tuvans.

The Great Lakes Depression, also known as the Great Lakes’ Hollow, have more magnificent sand dunes than those of the Gobi Desert—the dunes border giant saltwater and freshwater lakes amid a backdrop of snow-capped mountains. The Altai Mountains are habitat to snow leopards while Takhi wild horses have been reintroduced to the Khomyn Tal. Saiga antelopes, a trunk-like nosed species of antelopes that have survived the ice-age, still roam the dry steppes.

With the largest reed-beds in Central Asia, and its diversity of landscapes, the Great Lakes’ Hollow and its neighboring mountains offer remarkable birding opportunities.

You journey the region by Landcruiser and sleep in private camps within a panorama of vast and unspoilt terrain where you will be warmly welcomed by our local community partners.


Shangri-la Hotel

Shangri-La Hotel, Ulaanbaatar, is located right in the heart of the city centre. It is an ideal base to explore the capital and is within walking distance of the famous Government House, Great Chinggis Khaan Square, main offices and embassies.

Private Ger Camps

Our exclusive Ger Camps are set up in remote locations—complete with elevated beds, a separate ger for your meals and even a toilet tent and a shower tent. You do also have your own mongolian cook, who will surpise you about how meals are innovatively prepared in these remote areas. There is no electricity here, so do set aside a few portable power banks!

What’s Included

Return flights to Paro on Drukair / Bhutan Airlines in Economy Class

Accommodation (Twin Sharing, based on 4 people travelling together)

All meals

Mineral water provided throughout your journey

All tours with a licensed Bhutanese guide proficient in your preferred language

Private transport with driver

Airport transfers

Royalties and Bhutan Visa & Route Permit

Personalised itineraries

Wooden walking poles for hikes

Provision of additional amenities for stays in local lodges

Royalties and Bhutan Visa & Route Permit

Your Wish, Your Journey

Amala Destinations takes the chore of planning off the traveller. With bespoke and customisable packages, we endeavour to fulfil almost every desire.

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