Path to
Noto Peninsula

Our Path to Noto explores the Hokuriku region of Japan along the western coast, which would include journeying through Ishikawa, Toyama and Fukui. With sheer cliffs, diversified rocks and mountainous terrain seen along the picturesque coastline from Wakasa Bay, Echizen-misaki Point, Tojinbo and Noto-hanto Peninsula, the Hokuriku region offers some of the most spectacular scenery, unique culture and amazing seafood in Japan.

The journey begins on a flight from Haneda to the remote Noto Peninsula, where we embark on an amazing experience visiting markets and fishing villages as we feast on some of the best seafood in Japan; while staying at a special inn run by an Australian and a Japanese, who specialise in Italian food cooked with Noto produce—delightful!

Continuing down the coast, we visit quaint little towns as we make our way to Kanazawa, one of the most culturally unique destinations in the region. Kanazawa is home to Kenrokuen, one of Japan’s most beautiful traditional Japanese gardens. Here we can have tea with a geisha or visit the private studios of artists and craftsmen. After which, our journey continues south to Komatsu for a very special dining experience before arriving in the onsen town of Yamashiro Onsen. With onsen and hikes into the hills and forests of Kaga, this part of the journey will certainly relax and soothe the mind and body.

After Yamashiro Onsen, we journey along the dramatic coastline to the small seaside town of Mikuni, a base for us to explore the area famous for Echizen Crabs, stunning castles and magnificent temples.

As we drive to Lake Biwa, we stop in Mihama to visit one of Japan’s best sake breweries. We visit Miho Musuem and the small towns along Lake Biwa before the journey concludes at Kyoto.

Our Path to Noto can be extended perfectly with our Path to Kyoto or with our Path to the Kii Peninsula.


Flatt's by the Sea, Noto

Located near a fishing village, Flatt’s is a guesthouse and restaurant operated by an Australian chef and his local-born wife. There are four guest rooms with tatami-mat floors, futon bedding and views over the garden and out to the sea, with both indoor and outdoor bathhouses.

Asadaya Ryokan, Kanazawa

More than a century old, Asadaya Ryokan accords itself with the ``Sukiya`` style of simplicity to provide exceptional hospitality and unforgettable dining experiences.

Beniya Mukayu, Yamashiro Onsen

A cosy 17-room hotel that embraces a wild garden filled with Red Pine, Cherry, Maple and Camellia trees in the mountains of Yakushiyama, Yamashiro Onsen. The building's open-plan design accentuates the beautiful surrounding landscape and every room features an open-air hot spring bath so that you can mentally and physically relax in your own private spa.

Machiya Townhouse, Fukui

Preserving its machiya charm and tenor, a drugstore built a hundred and ten years ago has been reborn to accomodate guests. Equipped for modern comfort, the building's refined interior presents a private and cozy space.

L'Hotel Du Lac, Lake Biwa

A private villa to relax amidst the natural environs of Lake Biwa.

Noku Kyoto

Adjacent to Kyoto Imperial Palace, Noku is located right in the heart of 1,000 years of Japanese history. From rooms to services, Noku is designed to showcase the artisanal spirit of Kyoto life. Each of its 81 rooms has been furnished with individually selected art pieces that reflect the cultural elements of Kyoto.

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