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Within the backdrop of Shinto shrines, Zen gardens, classic Buddhist temples, Geishas and imperial palaces, Kyoto is the right place for you to delight in all the flavours and pleasures Japan has to offer. Our Path to Kyoto combines some of our favourite sites in the city together with a well curated gourmet meal plan, which we feel is the best way to explore this extrodinary city.

A day in our Path to Kyoto could begin with a walk through Nishiki Market, more proverbially known as Kyoto’s Kitchen, where you can find family-owned shops that have been peddling kitchenware or seasonal delicacies for generations, and end with a fabulous degustation at one of the best restaurants in the city.

The next few days are filled with visits to some of the lesser known shrines and temples in the city, which would include Sanjusangendo, which houses 1001 carved wooden statues of Kannon—the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy, as well as a moss temple outside of Arashiyama. Together with some favourites like Ginkakuji, these visits would combine with some unique experiences, like sake tasting with a Shinto priestess and meeting a moss expert, just to name a few. Your days are also complemented with a good balance of Kyoto’s best cuisines—Tempura, Kaiseki, Obanzai and even Italian!

Our Path to Kyoto can combine well with all our other offerings in Japan.


Noku Kyoto

Adjacent to Kyoto Imperial Palace, Noku is located right in the heart of 1,000 years of Japanese history. From rooms to services, Noku is designed to showcase the artisanal spirit of Kyoto life. Each of its 81 rooms has been furnished with individually selected art pieces that reflect the cultural elements of Kyoto.

Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto

Set in the scenic district of temples, Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto is intimate and contemporary with an 800-year-old ikeniwa (pond garden) at its heart.

Kanamean Nishinomiya

One ryokan that has survived the modernisation of downtown Kyoto. Serenity prevails as its wooden architecture hosts only seven suites which lead to a little Japanese garden with seasonal flowers.

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Amala Destinations takes the chore of planning off the traveller. With bespoke and customisable packages, we endeavour to fulfil almost every desire.

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