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Kii Peninsula

The Kii Peninsula is a remote and mountainous region in Kansai, home to one of the most important Buddhist centres in Japan and the ancient pilgrimage trails and onsen of the Kumano Kodō. Some might say it is Japan’s spiritual heartland.

The Path to Kii Peninsula would combine well with our Path to Kyoto, which would be a great place to start; alterntively, your journey can begin directly at Nara. Home to eight Unesco World Heritage Sites, Nara, also known as Japan’s ancient capital, is where we visit Daibutsu (Great Buddha), one of Japan’s most impressive sights. The Great Buddha is housed in Tōdai-ji, an imposing temple located in Nara Park.

The journey continues to the town of Sakurai, to visit, among other places, the rich and unspoilt nature in Yoshinoyama. From Sakurai, we venture deeper into the Kii Peninsula towards Nabari, where we might visit some of the most sacred and less visted temples in Japan en-route before arrving in the mountain village of Fukano for a unique ryokan experience.

The journey concludes at the coastal area of Ise Shima at Ago Bay, to indulge in a stay at Amanemu and a delightful meeting with the Ama, the Japanese women of the sea who continue the centuries-old practice of free-diving in the ocean to gather shellfish and seaweed.


Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto

Set in the scenic district of temples, Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto is intimate and contemporary with an 800-year-old ikeniwa (pond garden) at its heart.

L'Auberge de Plaisance, Sakurai

A small inn with just nine guest rooms and suites. It is situated on the edge of the city of Sakurai, in an area steeped in history and culture, and is set in a beautiful rural landscape.

Sasayuri-Ann, Nabari

Featuring Kominka architecture with a thatched roof, Sasayuri-Ann is a Japanese-style private villa that offers guests (two to ten people) an exclusive mountain house experience with panoramic views over the countryside and rice fields below.

Amanemu, Mie

One of Aman's finest that prides itself on being located within a natural park on the pure shores of Ago Bay. As part of a local area well known for pearl cultivation and fresh seafood, its lush natural surroundings and its elegant practice of the Japanese onsen tradition makes Amanemu a terrific offering for relaxation, activity and dining.

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